Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, the page that will undoubtedly be the most popular page on the entire website. Okay, maybe that is stretching things a little bit, but just try to humor me a bit. Like the wifey has already said in her blog post, we created That Keto Kouple as a way… (0 comment)

Fat Makes You Fat? Think Again!
Fat Makes You Fat: Truth or Myth Fat makes you fat: truth or myth? Hold on! Are you implying that fat doesn’t make you fat? Why, wifey, what a preposterous idea! Fats are our number one enemy, the government told us so! And Mrs. Thomas in our Basic Health Class told us the same information all… (0 comment)

Sneaky, Sneaky
Sneaky me decided to hop on the scale today Like the title says, I was being sneaky today because why not, and I decided to hop on the scale today. Official weigh-in day is Monday (still a couple of days away) but what the hey. For some reason, I felt “light” today. You ever have… (0 comment)

How to Start Keto
How to start keto is the first post you should probably start with because it’s going to answer a lot of questions for you. I know when my hubby convinced me to start keto, I had a lot of questions and doubts. But let me tell you, it works. I could spend all day posting… (0 comment)

Wifey’s Introduction
Welcome to my keto diet blog where I’m doing the typical ‘wifey’s introduction’, as I like to call it. Hopefully, I can inspire you and give you some positive insight as to why I (well, hubby and I) chose the keto lifestyle and all of the health benefits that it has to offer. Where I… (0 comment)

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