Low Carb Pancakes
There aren’t too many things that I miss these days, but pancakes is one of them. The kids love them, too so I knew I had to find a way to make low carb pancakes. I found a recipe that I absolutely love and want to share it with everyone because it is so delicious.… (0 comment)

Cucumber Salad
Cucumber salad has to be one of my favorite summer sides. It goes great with BBQ and I love it during the holidays. My mother-in-law always made it because I didn’t know how. I know, I should have, but I didn’t. My mother was never a cook (not that this requires cooking), and she did… (0 comment)

Last Week Wasn’t A Wash!
My blog post the other day talked about how I was sure I’d had a bad week and even weighed in a few days early. I hear ya, “Wifey, don’t do that! You’ll drive yourself crazy!”. But I had to. I was just so darn curious, and it’s not something I do often because I… (0 comment)

Mock Potato Salad
With summer time right around the corner, I anticipate lots of BBQ. The hubby loves to grill, and I like not having to mess up my kitchen. When we do a cookout, we usually make at least 3 lbs of hamburgers, brats, sausages, ribs, and chicken. Yes, all at once. Why on earth do we… (0 comment)

I Can Feel A Bad Week
This past Tuesday was my birthday and I broke keto to celebrate with my kiddos. After 60 days of being good, why not have a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper (my kryptonite), or a few, and eat some brownies that my daughter homemade for me? We also had Chinese food for dinner because I’ve been craving… (0 comment)

Low Carb Chicken Quesadillas
Low carb chicken quesadillas are super easy to make! I love Taco Bell chicken quesadillas (with extra creamy jalapeno sauce) but they don’t fit into my new lifestyle. Wanting to satisfy my craving, I decided to come up with a recipe that would allow me to indulge and enjoy. The only difference is that my… (0 comment)

Guacamole Dip (Low Carb Recipe)
Guacamole can either be really good or really bad. I don’t think there’s any “between”. It’s been ages since I’ve had it, and I honestly couldn’t remember what it tasted like until I made some today. My grandma (whom I admire and love dearly) used to take us out to this wonderful Mexican restaurant which… (0 comment)

15 Low Carb Fruits and Veggies
One of the hardest parts about the keto diet is the limitation of fruits and veggies. We’ve been taught that we’re supposed to have large amounts of “healthy” fruits and vegetables, and they are healthy to an extent. Like anything, moderation is key and we composed a list of the best low carb fruits and… (0 comment)

Low Carb Breastfeeding and Milk Supply
Almost every woman wants to lose weight. This is even truer after the birth of a beautiful child that you’ve anticipated for the previous 9 months. But now that your baby is here and you’re nursing, you might wonder how, or if, you can do low carb breastfeeding. The answer is: yes, you can do… (0 comment)

Hello, everyone! I just wanted to jump on here and share that I had my first non-scale victory on the ketogenic diet today. A couple of years ago, I decided to take my wife to a concert to celebrate her birthday. She wanted us both to look nice, so she went to the mall to… (0 comment)

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