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onederlandThe past three months have been awesome. I started out at the heaviest weight I’d ever been in my entire 36 years on this earth and was mortified. I’d been slowly gaining weight and I knew it was getting up there, but I didn’t get fully motivated until I saw pictures of myself. Pardon my French, but holy FUCK! I was so fat. But now, I’ve made it to onederland!

A Walk Through Onederland Week

Last Monday, I weighed in at 203.4 and when I saw I was so close to being in the 100’s, I knew it was time to put my ass in gear. Nobody wants to wait 2 weeks to see results. People of today want instant gratification and I’m no different. The main difference between me and the spoiled kids who were born after the millennium is that I’m willing to work for and go after what I want.

Look at that glorious number.

As you know, I always track my macros. If you’ve read my other blog posts, you know it drives me bat-shit crazy when people don’t track their macros. Tracking macros is the most important thing you can do so if you’re not already doing it, find out what you’re supposed to consume here. This will prevent you from driving me insane and improve your weight loss. If you’re not willing to track, don’t be willing to bitch. Seriously.

This entire past week, I’ve diligently ensured I stayed under my macros and carefully watched my calorie and fat intake. It paid off because I made it to onederland. Staying under 20 net carbs was easy peasy because it’s hard to go over that when all you eat is meat and green veggies.

I didn’t think I would make it

onederlandLet’s face it, once you’ve been fat adapted for a while, your body catches on and figures out what you’re doing so weight loss slows down. Weight loss will also slow down as you get smaller and smaller. Several weeks ago (maybe a month ago?), I did have a 6-pound weight loss one week and was in shock. That was my highest weight loss in a week, EVER!

I thought it would be impossible to pull off a 4+ pound weight loss to onederland this week but I did it! I really freakin’ did it! I hit 4 pounds on the nose! And this is with NO exercise, people! Just diet alone. The biggest tool in weight loss is your hands because they control what goes into your mouth. Yeah, think about that one for a while.

But, I should exercise and do need to do some toning, especially now that I’m in onederland. Otherwise, all this weight loss is going to be flab on my bones so I need to put on some lean muscle mass to help smooth and tone my body. The only problem with that? We can’t afford a gym membership. ☹️ Because of where we live, there’s only one gym and it’s not in our budget.

We’d love to buy our own equipment and work out at home. It would save time from driving back and forth at the gym, and since we have four kids, it would also save us the cost and hassle of finding a sitter. We have no sitter and almost never get a break from the kids. We’re homebound till they all move out so it would be awesome if we had a home gym, but it’s not financially possible right now.

April’s Goals

I’m not sure what April has in store for me but I’d like to get in the 180’s and lose another 10 pounds this month. I think I can pull it onederlandoff, it’s just a little over 2 pounds a week that I’d have to lose. With a lot of planning and continuing to watch my macros, it shouldn’t be too hard but there are two obstacles this month.

Our 13-year anniversary is this month so I might make a non-keto dinner to celebrate or maybe have some wine, but I’m hoping that since we’re both fat adapted, that little hiccup won’t kick us out of ketosis. Or if it does, we’ll get right back into it but I hate to slow down my progress.

And wrestling. We’re going to watch wrestling this month and damn it, we’re going to have some Jack-In-the-Box tacos! It’s probably been more than a year, maybe two years, since we’ve gone there so yes, I will indulge this once. And there’s nothing wrong with indulging every once in a while.

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Download a Free Keto Grocery List Plus a Limited Time Bonus

Subscribe to our mailing list and get helpful keto tips, recipes and updates delivered right to your inbox.