Low Carb Pizza Alternative to Fathead Pizza

Low Carb Pizza Alternative to Fathead Pizza
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This low carb pizza is a great way to satisfy your urge for pizza. It also makes for a quick lunch or dinner, depending on when you’re eating it. Fathead pizza is widely popular among the low-carb and keto worlds, but it has an insanely large amount of calories in it because of the almond flour. Here’s the recipe for fathead pizza. Be forewarned that the almond flour alone in that recipe has almost 600 calories!!! That doesn’t include the cream cheese, the egg, the loads of mozzarella cheese or the toppings.

The average fathead pizza is about 1,000 calories!

Now, this might not be a problem if you’re a big person or if you can stop and save half of it for leftovers. The problem is, it’s really yummy! It’s also filling, so you don’t even realize that you’ve eaten all of it until you’re stuffed in misery. I know, I’ve done it many times.

That Keto Kouple’s New Version of Low Carb Pizza Is Less Calories and Faster To Make!

Seeing that I can, at my current weight at least, only have about 1,400 calories per day to achieve weight loss, I’d have to save all of my calories for dinner. This isn’t very practical because you get hungry during the day. Well, I do, anyway. Scrolling through our thousands of Instagram subscribers pictures, I stumbled upon a great idea! Why not use a low-carb wrap as a thin crust pizza shell?

Not only did using this method save tons of time in the kitchen for prepping, cooking, and clean-up, it also saved me a LOT of calories. No more mess, no more fuss and I could eat all of it if I was hungry enough. It’s the perfect pizza and tastes better than fathead pizza. No kidding.

How Many Calories in That Keto Kouple’s Version?

I’m a die hard fan of bacon, jalapenos, and tomatoes on my pizza. Hubby likes pepperoni and, sometimes, breakfast sausage on his. Occasionally, he might add some bacon if I didn’t steal it all. 😉 Our version of low carb pizza is only about 500 calories for the ENTIRE pizza. That’s HALF of what’s in a fathead pizza. Did I mention I can eat the whole thing? I’ve done it several times. And truthfully, 500 calories for an entire meal isn’t bad at all. On the other hand, I don’t know anyone who can or should consume 1,000 calories for a meal.

But wifey, what does it look like? Is it any good? What ingredients do you use?

It looks and tastes amazing! I use Joseph’s lavash bread (it’s basically a low carb wrap) for the crust and the rest is all Great Value (Walmart) ingredients for the sauce, cheese, and toppings. There’s nothing special about it except that it’s half the calories and as delicious as you can imagine. Check out this picture of my low carb pizza that I made for lunch. It took me about 5 minutes to throw it together and another 8 minutes to cook it. Lunch in 13 minutes in the middle of the day, and the edges of the crust are so crisp! I love it.

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