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Last Week Wasn’t A Wash!

Last Week Wasn’t A Wash!
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My blog post the other day talked about how I was sure I’d had a bad week and even weighed in a few days early. I hear ya, “Wifey, don’t do that! You’ll drive yourself crazy!”. But I had to. I was just so darn curious, and it’s not something I do often because I prefer to see a big number on Monday’s instead of a little each time. Last time I weighed myself (Friday or Saturday), I was actually up a bit. I know, it’s not the same since I’d had carbs and was retaining water weight. But, I couldn’t help it.

The Verdict On the Scale

I thought for sure I’d weigh more come Monday morning, but I weighed the same! Not even the same poundage, but all the way down to the exact ounce. Last Monday, pre-birthday, I was 209.4 but then I carbed it up with a bunch of junk. After adding it all up, I sameprobably had about 3,500 calories on my birthday. Yes, a pound of calories for my birthday. Most of it came from the Sonic sodas. Remember, cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper’s are my kryptonite. And the brownies my daughter made, plus the Chinese food. Geez, that’s a lot of junk! Oh, and I had lunch at Sonic, too. I got their $5 chicken strip meal.

To be honest with you, it wasn’t even that good. Well, the soda was amazing but the rest of the food wasn’t what I’d made it out to be. Instead, I ended up wishing I hadn’t eaten any of it at all. My eyeballs were much bigger than my belly and I didn’t eat most of it anyway. I think for future celebrations, I’m going to “splurge” on my carbs and calories by baking low carb stuff. I’d rather eat 150 carbs of low carb treats than 400 carbs on junk. And let me tell you, there are a lot of recipes that I can make where I could consume 150 carbs as opposed to the things I had on my birthday.

Same Doesn’t Mean Bad

I’m glad I at least weighed the same! It could have been much worse and I could’ve gained, especially when you think about all that I sameate. So, same doesn’t equal bad in my opinion. Like I said, next time I’m going to use my carbs and calories much more wisely. And honestly, I didn’t even think about how I could’ve done it differently until I started writing this blog post.

My initial thinking was, “Oh, boy! We’re gonna have a cheat day and it’s going to be so yummy! I’m going to eat this, and this, and this!”. Totally the wrong way to do it, but what can you do after the fact? Well, besides drink a lot of water to flush your system and be more active to burn off some of those carbs faster.

One Minor Obstacle

I’ve been sitting at a 24.2  lb weight loss since the day before my birthday. I’m a little peeved that I didn’t lose at least 0.8 lbs to push me to that 25 lb weight loss. I know, you’re rolling your eyes after reading all that I ate, but 8 oz would’ve been a nice post-birthday surprise.

What I think happened is that my body fought like hell all week to rid itself of the carbs and water weight and finally leveled out in time for my weigh in. I was super careful with my food intake all week and continued my IF. Luckily, my body did exactly what I wanted it to, except losing those 8 ounces. 😂

All I can do is keep calm and keto on for this week and hope to see that loss next Monday. Be good and happy eating till next time.

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