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Keto Coffee That You’ll Love Till the Last Drop

Keto Coffee That You’ll Love Till the Last Drop
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Drinking coffee is something millions of Americans do every day but you don’t really think about what you’re putting into your coffee until you begin this WOE. Suddenly, there’s no more sugar! You also can’t add the Instant Coffee Mate, milk, regular creamer or any of the other “delicious” chemical shit-storm ingredients that your body has been tolerating. This may be where you discover keto coffee.

Keto coffee is the new coffee.

What makes keto coffee so special? It doesn’t have all the carb infused ingredients and it’s not laced with enough sugar to completely rot your teeth, or the chemicals that you can’t pronounce. Keto coffee is, for the most part, natural. All natural ingredients that are good for you.

Depending on your upbringing, you may even remember your grandma or great grandmother drinking what we now call “keto coffee”. It’s honest to goodness black coffee with creamy butter and a little fat (coconut oil) to help fill up our tummy for breakfast. Even though this is “the caveman” diet, the ways our ancestors consumed their foods and drinks are very different than how we do it today.

Why is it better for us?

Keto coffee is better for us because it offers some nutritional value. It’s pretty clear what I think about loading up coffee with sugars and other carbs, but keto coffee offers us some substance. The creamy butter serves as our “cream” and the coconut oil is made of important lipids. These lipids help keep us full and curb our appetite which in turn, keeps us from overeating later in the day.

The reason I call my coffee “keto” coffee instead of bulletproof coffee is because I, personally, do not make mine bulletproof. The reason behind this is what I’ve stated above: it’s full of fat, and calories. Since I’m weight loss mode (instead of maintenance), I need to have a calorie deficit. Those fats and calories from the butter and coconut oil add up. Fast!

Watch out though….

If you can afford the calories, indulge because it is delicious. My husband can have almost double the calories that I can to achieve weight loss mode because he is much bigger than I am. When you’re working with a 1,400 calorie diet, you can only have about 300-350 calories per meal, so I try to keep my calorie consumption to a minimum. However, I do sometimes drink keto coffee for breakfast and skip “eating” if I’m adding butter and/or coconut oil. What I put in my coffee depends on what I plan on having for lunch or dinner later in the day.

How I sweeten mine and it tastes like sugar!

On most mornings, I make mine with a tablespoon of butter, just enough HWC to lighten the solid black color and every once in a while, a dollop of whipped cream. Of course, I also add my EZ-Sweetz (liquid “sugar”). Now that I’m keto adapted, I could add Stevia, Splenda or whatever other artificial sweeteners I choose (I like my coffee sweet) because I no longer taste the aftertaste. EZ-Sweetz is really great for those who enjoy the taste of real sugar, or for those who can’t get over the artificial sweetener taste.

keto coffee

A bit of a warning with the dairy….

I love, let me say love, love, love HWC and whipped cream in my coffee. Makes it feel like more of a treat, and rightfully so! It adds a creamy sweetness that you don’t get without it BUT it also adds carbs and calories. Some people swear that dairy makes them stall on their weight loss. The only thing I can say is to try it and see what happens. For me, it doesn’t really effect my weight loss but when I do IF (intermittent fasting), I omit my morning coffees all together and stick with plain ice water.

Check out the recipe below and subscribe for more recipes, tips and other keto friendly advice.

keto coffee

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