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Hello everyone and welcome to my blog, the page that will undoubtedly be the most popular page on the entire website. Okay, maybe that is stretching things a little bit, but just try to humor me a bit. Like the wifey has already said in her blog post, we created That Keto Kouple as a way to keep ourselves accountable during our keto journey. Unlike a lot of websites and blogs out there, we are not at the end of the journey and creating a site to tell you how we did it. We are still very much in the beginning stages and want to bring you all along on the journey with us. We want to celebrate our successes and document our struggles. Most importantly, we want to show you that if we can lose the weight with 4 kids, 2 dogs, jobs and a whole lot going on around us, anyone can do it!

Who I am and how I got here

If there’s one thing I’ve never been good at, it’s telling people about myself. I’m sure my story is very similar to a lot of people out there. I was never the fat kid when I was in school. I was always active. I played sports in school at a very competitive level, burning tons of calories during those two-a-day football practices. Back then, I was so active that I couldn’t get enough food. I ate everything in site and was still skinny as could be. I even had a job at KFC and at the end of the night, I’d take home so much leftover food that I told my co-workers I was taking it to share with my brother and sister. The thing is, I’m an only child. They never questioned it, though. I mean, I was 6’2″ and 180 pounds. There was no way I could eat all that. If they only knew.

My problems didn’t start until I was no longer in school and had to go out into the real world. It was much harder to be active when I was sitting at a desk in my office all day. I also never changed my eating habits. I was so used to eating so much food that was loaded with carbs and calories that I just kept going. It was made even worse when I got a promotion to management and ate most of my lunches while dealing with angry customers over the phone. It was always easier to just order a pizza than make something to bring from home. Unfortunately, it was also easy for me to eat the entire pizza in one sitting.

Since high school, I’ve gone from 180 pounds to nearly 380 pounds. Even typing that makes me feel sad inside. The fact that I let myself go so much that I was able to put on 200 pounds is sickening to me. It took years to put it all on, but that doesn’t make me feel better.

That Keto Kouple
Starting Over

Why keto?

Over the years, I’ve tried a number of diets. I may have dropped a few pounds here and there, but for the most part, nothing seemed to work. I even attempted things like Weight Watchers but just couldn’t get into it. I was frustrated and went searching on the internet for something that would work for me. I was cruising Reddit and saw someone mention the ketogenic diet so I decided to do some research.

When I first started reading about keto, I thought that everyone talking about it had to be crazy. They were eating so much fat, which is exactly what I’ve always been told to avoid when attempting to drop the pounds. I kept waiting to see what kind of diet pills or other crap they were going to try to sell so you could eat all that food and still lose weight, but there was nothing to buy. Instead, all I found was before and after pictures and was so amazed that I decided to try it. I mean, who doesn’t want to eat bacon and lose weight?

What happened next?

I jumped on the keto wagon hard and actually lost around 50 pounds. Unfortunately, life happened shortly after and I jumped off the wagon. I’ve always been an emotional eater and there were some things happening in my life that I didn’t know how to deal with. Every single pound I lost came back to laugh at me. At the time, I didn’t care, though. I needed to get myself straight before I could worry about my weight, so that’s exactly what I did and I’m probably happier with myself (other than my weight) than I’ve ever been in my life.

Wifey and I made a decision at the beginning of 2017 that not only were we going to go back on keto, but we were going to commit ourselves to doing it for a full year without stopping. Does that mean we won’t have a little cheat now and then? Of course not. In fact, when we hit a plateau, a single carb day might be the best way to break through it when we step on the scale the following week. The commitment simply means we are not going to stop no matter how tempting it might be. We truly want to take this from being a ketogenic diet to a ketogenic lifestyle. So far, it’s working. Since January 2nd, I’ve lost 21 pounds, which is an average loss of 3.06 pounds per week. Just 131 pounds to go to reach my goal weight of 220.

I’m very excited to be back on keto and hope to inspire many people with my journey. We would love it if you’d sign up for our newsletter so we can send you tips, recipes, updates and so much more! Also, if you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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