Counting Calories While On Keto?

Counting Calories While On Keto?
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But we count carbs while on keto, not calories!

If you think the above statement is true, think again. Now, I have been known to be wrong a few times in my life (I think once, back in 1992?) but to answer your question, in short, yes, counting calories is imperative while doing keto. Carbs play a huge factor in the keto diet, make no mistake, but calories are also a big part of the equation. And if you learned anything in math when you were in high school, getting a single part of the equation wrong can alter the outcome of the solution. Getting your weight under control is not something you want to get wrong, so it’s critical you have all the information up front.

How calories impact our diet.

The role calories play in our diet is essential to our daily lives and how we function as human beings. According to LIVESTRONG, calories are a measure of energy that our foods contain, so it only makes sense that those particles of energy, and calories, are passed on to us when we consume the foods that we eat.

They are our primary source of energy, but when we consume too many calories we tend to gain weight. Experts say that 3,500 calories are equal to one pound. You would think that’s a lot, but they quickly add up. This is how we slowly, yet steadily, gain weight. Maybe last week you consumed an extra 400 calories eating dessert when you went out for date night. Or maybe you ate a big meal (loaded with carbs, likely) to “soak” up all the beers (also filled with carbs) that you and your friends had. Let’s say in those two nights, Friday and Saturday, you consumed an additional 900 calories between drinks and desserts.

If you have a habit of going out on the weekends or splurging on yummy treats, it’s very easy to go over your calories a little every week. Before you know it, you’ve consumed an extra 3,500 calories that month and gained an extra pound. Ordinarily, a pound is no big deal. Our weight fluctuates from day to day and it also fluctuates depending on the time of day, but when you gain a pound a month every month, that’s almost 15 pounds by the end of the year. Do that too many years in a row, and before you know it, you’re 50 pounds overweight.

counting calories

But I’m on a diet now, that counts for something, right?

Wrong. Let’s stroll down memory lane. Come on, the walk will do both of us some good. Think back to all the times you’ve spent snacking. Mindlessly snacking. We’ve all done it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat in front of my computer scrolling through Facebook while munching on popcorn. My other favorite is movie night. You have no idea, or maybe you do, how much chocolate a woman can consume while watching The Notebook.

See, counting carbs is a big part of the diet but counting calories have never changed. We still have an expenditure; a daily budget. If you left America and moved to Italy, your currency would switch from dollars to euros. Sure, your dollar might go farther, but you still have to watch what you spend. Well, calories work the same way.

Counting calories is critical to your weight loss success. Keto is a low calorie, high fat (LCHF) diet. Foods that are high in fat typically have a high-calorie count but are low in carbs. The fat is what keeps us full and stops us from overeating. Well, most of us, but it’s still easy to go over. It’s always easy to indulge.

The fat is what our bodies use and burn for energy instead of carbs, which is what melts away the excess pounds while on keto. All those years we were carbing it up, we were giving our body sugar (trash) to burn instead of fuel (wood). Now it’s time to change all that and take care of ourselves.

Counting calories is easy!

Annoying, yes, but definitely easy. If you’re smart enough, and we know you are, to read food labels to figure out the carb count in the foods that you eat, you can most certainly do it for calories, too. Where are you writing down your carb intake for the day? Don’t tell me you’re not writing it down. What’s holding you accountable? What if you forget? Remember that mindless snacking? We’re creatures of habit, don’t go back to old habits of eating and forgetting.

Write it down. Write down every bit of food that you eat.

This will help you in two unique ways. The first is that you’ll be held accountable so there’s no more ‘forgetting’ or ‘mindless eating’ going on. The second is that you’ll begin to see where you waste a lot of your calories. It’s easy to lose a couple of hundred calories to snacking on nuts or sunflower seeds. An Atkin’s bar has about 250-300 calories, so eating one of those between lunch and dinner adds up throughout the week, but it’s easy to forget.

There are some great apps that assist in counting calories such as My Fitness Pal, Lose It!, and many more. Many times, these apps have an upgraded feature or account option that will also allow you to track net carbs as well. Counting calories on keto can drastically improve your weight loss goals and get you where you need to be a lot sooner than just counting carbs.

Ready to buckle down on your keto journey?

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