The past three months have been awesome. I started out at the heaviest weight I’d ever been in my entire 36 years on this earth and was mortified. I’d been slowly gaining weight and I knew it was getting up there, but I didn’t get fully motivated until I saw pictures of myself. Pardon my…

30 Pounds In Less Than 3 Months
Holy freakin’ smokes, Batman! I did it and can’t even believe it! I lost 30 pounds in less than 3 months!!! True, I won’t be able to keep going at this rate as I get smaller but I’m going to drop big numbers as long as I can. It’s truly amazing what our bodies can…

Why I hate being a woman
Sometimes being a woman has perks, like men will open doors for you or you’re never expected to do an oil change. Hell, in my house, I’m not even expected to pump gas. It’s one chore that I hate doing so hubby and I made a deal when we got married years ago. I’ll do…

Something Dear To My Heart
So this isn’t diet related, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want. 😉 Anyone who knows me knows that I love my dogs. We have two dogs, but one is my daughter’s and the other is mine. My dog is the cool one. haha We adopted him from the humane society in… (0 comment)

Last Week Wasn’t A Wash!
My blog post the other day talked about how I was sure I’d had a bad week and even weighed in a few days early. I hear ya, “Wifey, don’t do that! You’ll drive yourself crazy!”. But I had to. I was just so darn curious, and it’s not something I do often because I… (0 comment)

I Can Feel A Bad Week
This past Tuesday was my birthday and I broke keto to celebrate with my kiddos. After 60 days of being good, why not have a cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper (my kryptonite), or a few, and eat some brownies that my daughter homemade for me? We also had Chinese food for dinner because I’ve been craving… (0 comment)

Feeling Sluggish and Tired This Week
Tired and Lazy I know you’re supposed to have more energy with this WOE, but I’ve been dragging ass this week. For some reason, I’ve been so tired and have had little energy. Last week I totally kicked butt and dropped some serious pounds, but I’m not feelin’ it this week. Did I mention that… (0 comment)

Sneaky, Sneaky
Sneaky me decided to hop on the scale today Like the title says, I was being sneaky today because why not, and I decided to hop on the scale today. Official weigh-in day is Monday (still a couple of days away) but what the hey. For some reason, I felt “light” today. You ever have… (0 comment)

Wifey’s Introduction
Welcome to my keto diet blog where I’m doing the typical ‘wifey’s introduction’, as I like to call it. Hopefully, I can inspire you and give you some positive insight as to why I (well, hubby and I) chose the keto lifestyle and all of the health benefits that it has to offer. Where I… (0 comment)

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