Our First Video: That Keto Kouple YouTube Channel
We made our first video for That Keto Kouple YouTube! You’d think our first video would be introductions but since when have we ever done anything right? haha We were so excited to show you how to make a low carb cheesecake that it was the first video we did. It also didn’t help that…

Low Carb Chicken Quesadillas
Low carb chicken quesadillas are super easy to make! I love Taco Bell chicken quesadillas (with extra creamy jalapeno sauce) but they don’t fit into my new lifestyle. Wanting to satisfy my craving, I decided to come up with a recipe that would allow me to indulge and enjoy. The only difference is that my… (0 comment)

Guacamole Dip (Low Carb Recipe)
Guacamole can either be really good or really bad. I don’t think there’s any “between”. It’s been ages since I’ve had it, and I honestly couldn’t remember what it tasted like until I made some today. My grandma (whom I admire and love dearly) used to take us out to this wonderful Mexican restaurant which… (0 comment)

15 Low Carb Fruits and Veggies
One of the hardest parts about the keto diet is the limitation of fruits and veggies. We’ve been taught that we’re supposed to have large amounts of “healthy” fruits and vegetables, and they are healthy to an extent. Like anything, moderation is key and we composed a list of the best low carb fruits and… (0 comment)

Low Carb Breastfeeding and Milk Supply
Almost every woman wants to lose weight. This is even truer after the birth of a beautiful child that you’ve anticipated for the previous 9 months. But now that your baby is here and you’re nursing, you might wonder how, or if, you can do low carb breastfeeding. The answer is: yes, you can do… (0 comment)

Counting Calories While On Keto?
But we count carbs while on keto, not calories! If you think the above statement is true, think again. Now, I have been known to be wrong a few times in my life (I think once, back in 1992?) but to answer your question, in short, yes, counting calories is imperative while doing keto. Carbs… (0 comment)

Fat Makes You Fat? Think Again!
Fat¬†Makes You Fat: Truth or Myth Fat makes you fat: truth or myth? Hold on! Are you implying that fat doesn’t make you fat? Why, wifey, what a preposterous idea! Fats are our number one enemy, the government told us so! And Mrs. Thomas in our Basic Health Class told us the same information all… (0 comment)

How to Start Keto
How to start keto is the first post you should probably start with because it’s going to answer a lot of questions for you. I know when my hubby convinced me to start keto, I had a lot of questions and doubts. But let me tell you, it works. I could spend all day posting… (0 comment)

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