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That Keto Kouple is a keto blog, sharing the weight loss journey of an average couple who is living the keto lifestyle and losing weight. An ordinary mom and dad who both work full-time, have four kids and two dogs will share their keto weight loss struggles, ups and downs, and victories and pitfalls for the whole world to see.

Who Is That Keto Kouple?

The husband and wife duet are not new to keto, but they wanted to share their keto blog before and after pictures success with everyone. Their combined weight loss on their first go was about 100 pounds! But they didn’t have a keto blog to share with everyone so their story went undocumented. This time around, they created a keto blog at the beginning of their journey. As you read through the keto blog posts, you’ll see that not every week is a good week. They, too, have cheat days. Nobody is perfect, and they’re willing to show you what they’re doing as they’re doing it so you can see that keto really works.

keto blogMeet That Wifey

‘Wifey’ restarted her keto weight loss expedition on January 2nd, 2017 at her heaviest weight ever: 233 pounds. Wearing a (very tight) size 20, she knew she had to make a change and turned to the keto diet to begin her weight loss. During her first month of keto, she lost 13 pounds but she didn’t stop there as she is continuing to work on her transformation. Her ultimate goal is to reach 150 pounds, get her asthma under control and regain her life. Her keto diet experience is documented in her keto diet blog.

Meet That Hubby

‘Hubby’ began his second keto round at the same time his wifeyketo blog did at his heaviest weight ever: 372 pounds. At that time, hubby was wearing a size 4X shirt and size 44 jeans. His wife attributes his jean size to having no butt, otherwise, he may have worn a larger size. 😂 During his first month of keto, he lost 22 pounds and like the wifey, he is also continuing on with his journey. His ultimate goal is to reach 220 pounds, kick his sleep apnea to the curb and teach his boys how to play football. You can follow his keto blog here.

They’re real people who put it all out there, hoping to inspire others to lose weight by updating their keto blog on a regular basis . You can reach out to the hubby or wifey any time because that’s the purpose of their keto blog: to help others shed fat, get rid of unwanted pounds and live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Follow That Keto Kouple

Check out their Instagram account (updated daily) to get an inside look at the foods they eat, what their weigh-in days look like and the problems they encounter. They’re also on Facebook and Twitter so you can follow them there, too.

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